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Ethnic Groups in the PhilippinesLanguages of the PhilippinesEthnic Groups vs. Indigenous PeoplesMindanao State UniversityKinding Sindaw
Christian Filipino Groups

Muslim Filipino Groups

Indigenous Peoples
IvatanMangyanAetaAgtaDumagatIbaloiIfugaoIsnegKankanaeyTingguianHanunuoRatagnonTau't BatuCuyononApplaiBagoBalangaoBalatocBantoanonBinonganBontokBugkalotCimmaronGaddangGubangHangluloIbanagIkalahanIrayaIsarogIsinaiItawesIwakKalingaKaraoMabacaMaengMalauegMasadiitPalananumRemontadoTabangnonTaboyTuwaliYogad

Christian Filipino Groups

Indigenous Peoples

Christian Filipino Groups

Muslim Filipino Groups
MaranaoMaguindanaoTausugBadjaoSamalIranunJama MapunKalaganKalibuganYakanSangil

Indigenous Peoples

Lost Tribes
AtaTagabawaBalugaBanacDanaoIkalunaInlaudManobo Biit



The Philippines is a culture-rich country. According to the website of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, aside from major regional groups such as the Tagalog, Ilocano, Cebuano and Ilonggo, there are 110 groups of indigenous peoples in the Philippines, and information on at least 20 of these 110 groups is lacking. Aside from these, many aspects of the various ethnic groups in the country, major as well as minor, are undocumented.

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The First People Up the River: Mandaya

The Mandaya is a group of non-Christian, non-Islamic people living in Eastern Mindanao. The word "Mandaya" is derived from "man" which means "first" and "daya" which means "upstream" or "upper portion of a river". The Mandaya are mainly located in the provinces of Agusan, Davao, Surigao del Sur, Surigao del Norte, and the eastern areas of Cotabato. They are also scattered throughout the eastern half of Davao province and northward of Lianga, Surigao del Sur and Southern Agusan.

Earlier accounts indicate that the Mandaya represented one of the most powerful tribes in these areas. The headman, known as Bagani holds political power over his territory. However, before assuming the title, each bagani had to kill seven to nine men in battle or through surprise raids upon neighboring areas.


In general, Mandaya have high foreheads, quite prominent cheekbones, broad noses, thick lips and angular features. The average height of the men is 153.9 cms. while the women are 81.3 cms. They are also considered to be related to the Manobo group. They stand out among the others because of their sharp Spanish features...read more

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